Many of the individuals and units we support do not have special requests, however, we do get special requests from time to time and here is a current list.

PFC Antony - Army

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: beef jerky, chips, peanut butter, hygiene products

SPC Michael - Army

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: beef jerky, chips, peanut butter, hygiene products

Monique - Air Force

Likes: Doritos and Beefaroni

Clifford - Navy

Likes: Doritos, Fritos, Bean Dip, Almond Kisses, Almond Nuggets

ETS3 Lynard – Navy

Likes: Peanut Butter Cups, beef jerky, cliff bars, Peanut M&M’s

Simon - USMC

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: Healthy snacks ( protein bars like Quest ) , beef jerky , trail mix with dried fruit , almond joy , candy orange slices, bbq pringles

Jamiah - USMC

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: Gatorade flavor packets, Granola bars, Protein bars, Jerky

Brent - Air Force

Requests: Coffee K-Cups

Randall - Air Force

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: Beef jerky, warheads

PV2 John - Army

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: Abba Zabba

PVT Joshua

Favorite snacks/Requested Items: Mexican Candy, Peanut M&Ms, Takis, Fruit Roll ups (Staters), Air Heads, Wheat Thins

ETS3 Lynard - Navy

Special Requests: Peanut Butter Cups, Ramen

PFC Kenneth - Army

Special Requests: Beef Jerky, Gum, Body Spray, Deodorant, Energy Bars, Sun Screen

Joseph - Navy

Special Requests include: Hot Cheetos, trail mix, peanut mix, granola bars, gum, candy, chips, jerky, power bars, sunflower seeds, crystal light packets. Anything you can make in a microwave. Tuna packets.

 GySgt James - USMC

Special requests - Nuts, Beef Jerky, Crackers, Chips, Twizzlers, Cookies, Business and/or Finance Magazines/Books


Special requests - Peanut butter, honey, beef jerky, Snickers, Cliff protein bars, baby wipes, shaving cream, toothpaste, razors, body wash.




coffee K-cups, coffee cups, cheap disposable dollar store plastic spoons, women's Tshirts, black or white cotton socks,
regular size (not mini) shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bar soap, body wash and toothpaste ... 

Also: makeup, hair clips, scrunchies, cigars (these weekly gatherings are very popular!), licorice & gum, chips, pretzels
QTips, female razors, female skin care items, creams, trail mix, granola bars, sanitizer


”Thank you SO much for your care packages, it's so very comforting to know you are all thinking of us so far from home. Ever since the American Revolution, our military has remained strong and resilient thanks to our faith communities and support organizations - we can't thank you enough for all you do. We are located in northern Iraq. It's very Spartan here - the base was captured by ISIS and almost completely destroyed before they were driven out. So we have no flush toilets here or hard-stand buildings - just tents and a whole lot of rocks! We have a small PX tent with a few necessities, but not much. So needless to say, your care packages really are a big hit here! "

WANTED: Flip flop sandals, licorice, gum, Lays, pretzels, Pringles, Tostitos Scoops, Paul Newman salsa
QTips, female razors, cashews, almonds, trail mix , peanut M&Ms, sanitizer, big toothpaste (not mini), bar soap shampoo / body wash, tape, packing tape, scotch tape, duct tape, etc.


You mentioned that if we had any specific requests to let you know. Here's a list of items that I hear Soldiers say they miss/wish they had more of:

Beef Jerky / Slim Jims, etc.
Other caffeine related products - 5 hour energy drinks or caffeine gum.
Protein bars.
Snack mix.
Gatorade mix packets.
Fun, random letters about what people are doing back home.
Ramen noodles.
Body wash / Deodorant.

 That being said - folks here are simply grateful for whatever they get! You can be assured that everything you sent was gone within minutes of opening your gifts.