Read What Others Are Saying About The Valley Resource Center!

Great place for families to bond and put together a care package for a troop overseas. Teach your kids to volunteer and have some fun while doing it!
— J. Hollilngsworth
“I recently got a care package and I’m so grateful! This meant a lot to me and it made my week !! you are all great and keep doing great things. Thank you so much <3”
— J.T from Hemet, CA
The Valley Resource Center staff are patient, educated, willing to give of their time to help us Seniors once a month. They are my Hero’s for all they do as an organization within our community.
— Michael Fisher
I just want to say thank you to Valley Resource Center and all the families who have sent care packages. I really appreciate the time a care that goes into the packages. They are helpful with thing I need and enjoy. I share them my fellow sailors for what they need as well. These care packages are overall uplifting to my command. Once again I love and appreciate the effort that goes into these packages. I took a picture of my wall space where I keep all my little motivations. I hope someone gets to see their card on here . Thank you very much.
— MA2 Scales
Hi Raven,

Yesterday was another great day because I received my third care package from you and your company. Those days always turn the mood around here for the better. My friend, Will, also received his package and he was completely surprised and grateful. He received a letter from a mother and her children and he was very excited to write them a letter back.

We were notified that if we are to receive any more mail, it must be sent before 01JULY. After that, all mail will be returned to sender as our deployment will be ending in SEPT/OCT and mail will be shut off.

If this was our last package we receive I want to thank you again for everything you and your company does for us. Your support does not go unnoticed and you are truly making a difference to the Soldiers serving.

Take care,
— Cody 6/19
I am fostering a baby in an emergency situation and Valley Resource Center has helped out so very much. Very compassionate people and Brooke has been amazing.
— LaLa 6/2/19
Hello my name is Joshua . I received your care packages and I can not thank you enough . The care packages we receive is like Christmas morning everyday for us . It tells us we are not forgotten about ; even though we are 8,000 miles away . It tells us that we are appreciated for being away for 10 months to a year . I thank you and so does everyone else.
— Joshua 5/19
Thank you Valley Resource Center and Raven Leigh Hilden for the great support while I was deployed, for the awesome “Welcome Home” party, and for your continued support to troops and our community.
— TJ
Hello from Iraq!

Thank you SO much for your care packages, it’s so very comforting to know you are all thinking of us so far from home. Ever since the American Revolution, our military has remained strong and resilient thanks to our faith communities and support organizations - we can’t thank you enough for all you do. We are located in northern Iraq. It’s very Spartan here - the base was captured by ISIS and almost completely destroyed before they were driven out. So we have no flush toilets here or hard-stand buildings - just tents and a whole lot of rocks! We have a small PX tent with a few necessities, but not much. So needless to say, your care packages really are a big hit here!
— Chaplain
Thank you Valley Resource Center for supporting our spay and neuter clinic in Winchester. The donations were greatly appreciated by our furry family members.
— TB H. 4/19
Hello to Everyone,
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the care package that was received. It truly means a lot to receive this from everyone who took the time to put this together. I will be returning home from deployment soon and wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. Especially to all the children who take time to color, draw, and write to the soldiers. I do believe what is sent to anyone helps them while away from home. What you all do is truly thoughtful and saying thank you is never enough. I grew up in Lake Elsinore and currently live in Menifee so I truly appreciate what the Valley Resource Center does.
Thank you again.
Thank you to Raven at Valley Resource Center for your recent donation of baby food! We appreciate our budding partnership in helping at-risk children and single parent families. We appreciate you!
— Rancho Damacitas 3/19
Merry Christmas to you. Not only for supporting my son in Belgium and husband in Iraq, but also being there for my little ones here at home. This year was tough, but because of your organization you helped me keep the spirit of Christmas going. Your organization is a major blessing to the military families!
— F.C
Hi Valley Resource Center.
I just received a package here in Iraq from your organization. Thank you SO much for the kind gifts. They are absolutely appreciated and the notes and letters are very motivating.
Thank you again!
— C.B
A wonderful person, doing a fantastic service to our troops deployed over seas! Check out the Valley Resource Center!! They send out care packages to deployed troops, and getting those boxes, that is an amazing boost of morale!! Trust me, I’ve been on the receiving end of them!!! Raven also helps us fill out boxes as well with things to send out to the NOW Caregivers, of those injured, or hurt by their time in the service. An amazing person, and fantastic Non-profit indeed!!
— William H.
I help run a local nonprofit organization called JustServe as the local Temecula representative. One of the projects we’ve been working on is organizing hygiene kits and welcome home basket that benefit local homeless. Raven at Valley Resource Center has been so generous in donating boxes of items to help us put those kits together. Thanks so much!!!
— Michelle J.

Thank you so much to you and your team for the protein shakes and other goodies that were sent. When we receive gifts like this from complete strangers, it really makes us realize we are not alone and we have people who are always thinking about us and our safety.

Items such as protein shakes/bars are great for us, as many of us burn a large amount of calories during the day and rarely find the time to adequately replenish them. Not to mention they are a delicious treat.

When a box like this is brought to us, no matter how bad a day someone is having, it brightens everyone day and creates an infectious buzz of lightheartedness and good vibes. It is priceless.

We appreciate your support and I am thankful there are people like you and your team out there who work to make the world better every day.

God Bless,

— Cody (United States Army)
The Valley Resource Center is an amazing organization! I have been involved with the VRC for over 2 years now and have had some great experiences with everyone! If you are looking for a Non Profit to get involved with I would highly recommend that you give the VRC a try! I have been helping with the Military Care Package program since Day 1 and am so proud to see what it has grown into. We support many troops and come together with our local community to put it all together. The VRC is committed to helping others, supporting our community and supporting as many military members as they possibly can. A fantastic organization with a wonderful founder, Raven Leigh Hilden. All of Team VRC welcomes new volunteers and support...please feel welcome to join us!
— Nykki M.
Got another shipment of y’alls care packages with all the protein items, cookies, snacks... incredible. Some VERY happy Soldiers here - thank you. Hope y’all are well! It’s still really rainy here...we hear from the locals that this is unusual. Who knows what summer will bring?

Bless you and your team.


— Daniel 4/19
Dear Valley Resource Center,

Thank you so much for the amazing care packages you sent to all of the members of the 163th SFS. Words can not express how thankful we are for all your support and the incredible goodies. You are so thoughtful and we truly appreciate everything you’re doing for all the U.S. Service Members.

I’ve been on numerous deployments throughout the years and it always feels special to receive such a thoughtful gift. It is truly heartfelt. I will always remember your support and how you brighten everyone’s spirits.
— Michael (Kuwait)
Michael Kuwait.PNG
I wanted to reach out again and thank you for the package. I received a personal package from your company, and it came at a great time. Every time we receive mail it is a great day for us. It is especially great when I can tell the package was very well thought out and includes a lot of care and love. My package included protein shakes and bars which was awesome. I loved all of it.

You had mentioned I could let you know if there are any other Soldiers that I know would like to receive a package. My good friend Will fits that description, and I know he would love to receive a package as he doesn’t get mail as often as most. He loves coffee and he often complains about running out of shaving razors constantly.

I have attached a picture of Will and I from the other day. I also attached a picture of me and some of the other Soldiers I work with. We really appreciate the support from great people like you and your company.

God Bless and thank you again,
— Cody (United States Army)